Saturday, February 15, 2020

Principle of Marketing in the Food and Beverages Market Research Paper

Principle of Marketing in the Food and Beverages Market - Research Paper Example Bearing the lessons in mind, the marketing strategies which shall be proposed for Shin Shii shall be founded upon the characteristics of the market in question and, proceeding from that, shall aim towards the maximization of effect within a reasonable budget. In selecting its marketing strategy for entry into the U.S. market, it is necessary to consider both the threats and opportunities which shall confront Shin Shii. Based on observations of the US beverages market, marketing and market research scholars have determined that the primary threats confronting both existing companies and new entrants are over-saturation and an increasingly health-conscious consumer-base (Swot,'2005). In other words, not only is competition extremely intense and dominated by a handful of major food and beverages companies but, health concerns are functioning as a threat to the maintenance of the existent market, let alone its expansion. While market research scholars have identified a number of serious threats confronting the food and beverages' market, they have also identified a number of attractive opportunities, especially pertinent to the case of Shin Shii. In the first place, while the beverages' market may be oversaturated, the U.S. consumer market is a highly experimental one by nature and is attracted to novelty (Swot,' 2005). In other words, it exhibits a persistent and unfailing tendency to test the new. In the second place, the trend towards health consciousness implies that while the soda market may be sealed off for the present, there is a market for beverages which are considered healthy or, at least, benign, in that they neither have negative nor positive health effects.  

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