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Current System of US Presidential Succession

The presidential line succession refers to the manner in which various federal government officials assume the office of President of the United States leaves office before an elected successor is inaugurated. Should the president die, resign or be removed from office by impeachment, the Vice President of the United States becomes president for the rest of the former president’s term. Should the vice president be unable to serve, the next official in the line of succession acts as president. The US Congress has wrestled with the issue of presidential succession throughout the nations history. Why? Well, between 1901 and 1974, five vice presidents have taken over the top office due to four presidential deaths and one resignation. In fact, between the years 1841 to 1975, more than one-third of all U.S. presidents have either died in office, resigned, or become disabled. Seven vice presidents have died in office and two have resigned resulting in a total of 37 years during which the office of vice president was completely vacant. ThePresidential SuccessionSystem Our current method of presidential succession takes its authority from: The 20th Amendment (Article II, Section 1, Clause 6)The 25th AmendmentThe Presidential Succession Law of 1947 President and Vice President The 20th and 25th Amendments establish procedures and requirements for the vice president to assume the duties and powers of the president if the president becomes permanently or temporarily disabled.In the event of the presidents temporary disability, the vice president serves as president until the president recovers. The president may declare the beginning and end of his or her own disability. But, if the president is unable to communicate, the vice president and a majority of the presidents Cabinet, or ...other body as Congress may by law provide... may determine the presidents state of disability.Should the presidents ability to serve be disputed, Congress decides. They must, within 21 days, and by a two-thirds vote of each chamber, determine whether the president is able to serve or not. Until they do, the vice president acts as president.The 25th Amendment also provides a method for filling a vacated office of the vice president. The president must nominate a new vice presiden t, who must be confirmed by a majority vote of both houses of Congress.  Until ratification of the 25th Amendment, the Constitution provided that only the duties, rather than the actual title as president should be transferred to the vice president.In October  1973, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned and President Richard Nixon nominated Gerald R. Ford to fill the office. in August  1974 President Nixon resigned, Vice President Ford became president and nominated Nelson Rockefeller as the new vice president. Although the circumstances that caused them were, shall we say, distasteful, the transfers of vice presidential power went smoothly and with little or no controversy. Beyond the President and Vice President The Presidential Succession Law of 1947 addressed the simultaneous disability of both the president and vice president. Under this law, here are the offices and current office holders who would become president should both the president and vice president be disabled. Remember, to assume the presidency, a person must also meet all the legal requirements to serve as president. The order of presidential succession, along with the person who would currently become president, is as follows:1. Vice President of the United States  -- Mike Pence 2. Speaker of the House of Representatives  --  Paul Ryan 3.  President pro tempore of the Senate --  Orrin Hatch Two months after succeeding Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, President Harry S. Truman suggested that the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate be moved ahead of Cabinet members in the line of succession in order to ensure that the president would never be able to appoint his potential successor.    Both the Secretary of State and other Cabinet secretaries are appointed by the president with the approval of the Senate, while the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate are elected by the people. The members of the House of Representatives choose the Speaker of the House. Similarly, the President pro tempore is chosen by the Senate. While it is not a requirement, both the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore are traditionally members of the party holding the majority in their particular chamber. Congress approved the change and moved the Speaker and President pro tempore ahead of the Cabinet secretaries in the order of succession. The secretaries of the presidents Cabinet now fill out the balance of the order of presidential succession:4.  Secretary of State  --  Mike Pompeo5. Secretary of the Treasury --  Steven Mnuchin6. Secretary of Defense -- Gen.  James Mattis7. Attorney General --  Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker8. Secretary of the Interior --  Ryan Zinke9. Secretary of Agriculture --  Sonny Perdue10. Secretary of Commerce --  Wilbur Ross11. Secretary of Labor --  Alex Acosta12. Secretary of Health Human Services --  Alex Azar13. Secretary of Housing Urban Development -- Dr.  Ben Carson14. Secretary of Transportation --  Elaine Chao15. Secretary of Energy --  Rick Perry16. Secretary of Education --  Betsy DeVos17. Secretary of Veterans Affairs --  Robert Wilkie18. Secretary of Homeland Security --  Kirstjen M. Nielsen Presidents Who Assumed Office by Succession Chester A. ArthurCalvin CoolidgeMillard FillmoreGerald R. Ford *Andrew JohnsonLyndon B. JohnsonTheodore RooseveltHarry S. TrumanJohn Tyler * Gerald R. Ford assumed the office after the resignation of Richard M. Nixon. All others took office due to the death of their predecessor. Presidents Who Servedbut Were Never Elected Chester A. ArthurMillard FillmoreGerald R. FordAndrew JohnsonJohn TylerPresidents Who Had No Vice President * Chester A. ArthurMillard FillmoreAndrew JohnsonJohn Tyler* The 25th Amendment now requires presidents to nominate a new vice president.

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The Categorical Imperative Immanuel Kant - 842 Words

The categorical imperative is Immanuel Kant’s improvement on the Golden rule and all rules associated with the Golden Rule. We are called by Kant to act as how we wish all others to act. According to an article in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, â€Å"Kant characterized the [categorical imperative] as an objective, rationally necessary and unconditional principle that we must always follow despite any natural desires or inclinations we may have to the contrary† (Johnson and Cureton). The categorical imperative is defined using three statements. Each of the three statements represents a different process, through which a determination is made of whether or not an action has a moral contradiction. If there is a contradiction, the†¦show more content†¦By asking the question, â€Å"Is anyone just being treated as a means,† one consequently raises the question, â€Å"Are anyone’s human rights being violated here?† Thus, Kantâ€⠄¢s categorical imperative is unequivocally related to the idea of universal human rights. Kant’s reasoning for the concept of universal human rights or human dignity stem from the idea that humans are inherently valuable; they are priceless in themselves, and therefore, conversely earned their human rights at birth. Though Kant places much emphasis on morality, he also holds that morality does not determine the possibility of human rights. The only thing that actualizes the existence of human rights is the human’s existence. Kant recognizes that in a kingdom of ends where everything has either a price or a dignity, anything with a price can be replaced. On the contrary, anything that is above all price, has a dignity (40). As one cannot put a value on a human, humans have dignity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights further supports this when it denotes that â€Å"all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights† (UN General Assembly art. 1). When one is considering human dignity, I have found that is is beneficial to also c onsider basic human rights as they relate to said dignity. Once one recognizes that there is an inherent human dignity, it is important to understand what is actually means to respect this dignity. As noted by Fagan, â€Å"Kant provides a formulation ofShow MoreRelatedImmanuel Kant And The Categorical Imperative1437 Words   |  6 PagesImmanuel Kant, a German philosopher, specifically a deontologist, has two imperatives: the hypothetical imperative and the categorical imperative. These imperatives describe what we ought to do and are only applicable to rational beings because they are the only beings that recognize what they ought or ought not to do. The hypothetical imperative is when an individual’s actions are reasoned by their desire, so they only act with the intention of fulfilling their desires. The categorical imperativeRead MoreCategorical Imperative By Immanuel Kant946 Words   |  4 Pagesintellect regardless of religion or belief in a God. Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative, arguably what he is best known for can be summed up for an argument for making the right moral decision, as if they applied to everyone equally. This can be done using a person’s sense of reason, and consideration for others. Likewise these imperatives are the moral obligations you need to follow, despite your desires. While applying this to religions, Kant believed that making a moral choice based on religionRead MoreImmanuel Kant s Categorical Imperative878 Words   |  4 PagesI would not take any shoes or clothing to wear based on Kant’s categorical imperative: do what’s right no matter the cost, and utilitarianism: the greater good of the whole, altruism: love your neighbor. The problem in this scenario is that the counselors at the camp for needy children are stealing cloths and shoes that were donated for the children and are encouraging me to partake in taking the items as well. My solution to this problem would not only be not to participate, but to report the otherRead MoreJohn Stuart Mill s Utilitarianism And Immanuel Kant s Categorical Imperative1487 Words   |  6 Pagesof moral philosophies one can align themselves with, but two major categories of moral philosophy are the most popular and the most debated. These are John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism and Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative. In looking at the three trolley cases, one can align themselves with either Mill, Kant or create their own perspective. Utilitarianism is defended by Mill in his writing entitled Utilitarianism. This method of deciphering good versus bad is rather simple. The PrincipleRead MoreImmanuel Kant (1724-1804) is better known for his Categorical Imperative Theory in which he bases600 Words   |  3 PagesImmanuel Kant (1724-1804) is better known for his Categorical Imperative Theory in which he bases the standard of rationality on fundamental moral principle. Mill’s on the other hand focuses on the Greatest Happiness Principle or the principle of utility. With regards to similarities between them Kant and Mills seem to have universal morality rules where Kant (duties) address one’s own will to be a universal law of nature and Mills (subordinate principles) acknowledging the same actions for all humansRead MoreKantian Ethics And The Categorical Imperative Essay1581 Words   |  7 PagesPractical Reason Book, I, Immanuel Kant, a prominent late Enlightenment Era German philosopher discusses h is most famous ethical theory, the â€Å"Categorical Imperative.† The â€Å"Categorical Imperative† is a proposed universal law in stating all humans are forbidden from certain actions regardless of consequences. Although this is the general definition of this ethical theory, the Categorical Imperative† exists in two above formulations, A strict interpretation of Categorical Imperative and a more liberal interpretationRead MoreEssay about Kants Formalism Theory716 Words   |  3 PagesKants Formalism Theory The theories of Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher, have had an impact on the formulation and shaping of ethics today. Immanuel Kant graced this earth from 1724 to 1804. During his eighty year life time, he formulated many interesting ideas regarding ethical conduct and motivation. Kant is strictly a non-consequentialist philosopher, which means that he believes that a persons choices should have nothing to do with the desired outcome, but instead mankind simplyRead MoreAnalysis of Immanuel Kants Arguements in The Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals†542 Words   |  3 PagesControversies course textbook, Immanuel Kant argues that the view of the world and its laws is structured by human concepts and categories, and the rationale of it is the source of morality which depends upon belief in the existence of God. In Kant’s work, categorical imperative was established in order to have a standard rationale from where all moral requirements derive. Therefore, categorical imperative is an obligation to act morally, out of duty and good will alone. In Immanuel Kant’s writing human reasonRead More Kants Formalism Theory Essay715 Words   |  3 Pages Kants Formalism Theory nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; The theories of Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher, have had an impact on the formulation and shaping of ethics today. Immanuel Kant graced this earth from 1724 to 1804. During his eighty year life time, he formulated many interesting ideas regarding ethical conduct and motivation. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Kant is strictly a non-consequentialist philosopher, which means that he believes that a persons choices should have nothing to doRead MoreEssay about The Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals1064 Words   |  5 Pagesquestions Immanuel Kant answers in, â€Å"The Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals†. Kant discusses many questions with arguable answers, which explains why he is one of the most controversial philosophers still today. Throughout Kant’s work, multiple ideas are considered, but the Categorical Imperative is one of the most prevalent. Though this concept is extremely dense, the Categorical Imperative is the law of freedom that grounds pure ethics of the metaphysics of ethics. Categorical imperatives are the

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Several Reasons For The Pollution Of Water Environmental Sciences Essay Free Essays

There are several grounds for the pollution of H2O – metal, organic merchandises, every bit good as municipal, industrial and agricultural. ( Burande, Causes of Water Pollution ) May be the causes of H2O pollution caused by pollution beginnings of direct and indirect. Is the exchange of the former distillation and waste intervention workss, and workss. We will write a custom essay sample on Several Reasons For The Pollution Of Water Environmental Sciences Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Emitted from the fluid of the different quality of H2O supply in urban countries. In the United States and some other states, and is controlled in these methods. However, the pollutants can be found still in the H2O organic structures. The latter is the proviso of H2O from the dirt, groundwater systems / by fertilisers, pesticides and industrial waste. This is besides through atmosphere such as bakeshops and mills and behavior vehicle emanations. It can besides be divided into non-organic pollutants, organic, and base / acid and radioactive substances. ( Burande, Causes of Water Pollution ) Causes of H2O pollution The chief beginnings of H2O pollution are as described below. Disposal of contaminated and / or hot H2O that was used for industrial intents. And overflow that contains a leak of crude oil merchandises. And overflow from building sites, farms, or other imperviable surfaces. Improper disposal of solid waste such as waste disposal on the range and compiled. In add-on, inordinate foods from overflow incorporating detergents or fertilisers besides called eutrophication. Geology of the groundwater extracted in footings of groundwater. Maltreatment of effluent discharged into the incorrect manner. The pattern of cut and burn agribusiness is switching cultivation agricultural systems. Radioactive stuffs from atomic power Stationss and industry, and the usage of medical, scientific and besides contribute. Uranium and Th excavation and refinement are some illustrations. Temperature is the chief ground, as it leads to the decease of many aquatic beings. And discharge of chilling H2O by mills a nd power workss reduces the temperature of H2O organic structures. Oil pollution is really harmful to the coastal wildlife. Oil spread over huge countries in the signifier of oil spills. If there are tests of the dumping of oil or chemically treated, you may be marine ecosystems and beach vacations once more. ( Burande, Causes of Water Pollution ) Categorization of the causes of H2O pollution Municipal, industrial, agricultural and assorted classs of the causes of H2O pollution. The causes of the municipal H2O intervention of places and concerns. The chief aim was to turn to municipal effluent to cut down harmful bacteriums and substances that require O, and inorganic compounds assorted and suspended solids. The grounds for industrial vary harmonizing to demand biochemistry, and suspended solids, organic stuffs and inorganic. The grounds include farm animal, agricultural, commercial and breeding domestic fowl. These lead to relentless organic and inorganic in surface H2O and groundwater. ( Burande, Causes of Water Pollution ) Effectss of Water Pollution Seen the effects of H2O pollution in the cool, heavy metals, agricultural countries, due to fertilisers, chemicals, oil and groundwater taint. ( Burande ) Effectss of Run-off Pollution Choose to rain on clay and soil and carries it to the H2O. If the soil and silt settee in the organic structure of H2O, and so forestall these sedimentations sunlight from making aquatic workss. If it is possible that the Sun does non make the workss, and this dice. These sedimentations can choke off the gills of fish and besides stifle the beings that live on the lower portion of the organic structure of H2O. ( Burande ) Effectss of Oil Pollution and Antifreeze If spilled oil in the H2O, and impacts on the ecosystem and harmful constituents. And can oppress many of the animate beings in instance of soaking up of oil. Oil has contaminated quarries can be a cause of decease for many. If the oil coats plumes, and these may decease. Oil, stop deading makes H2O an unpleasant olfactory property, and there is a gluey movie on the surface of the H2O, which kills animate beings. Oil is the most harmful pollutants in H2O. ( Burande ) Contaminated Ground Water Effects If contaminated H2O enters the land, there may be serious effects. Peoples may go really ill and there is a possibility for the development of liver or kidney jobs, malignant neoplastic disease or other diseases. ( Burande ) Fertilizers and other chemicals Nitrate in imbibing H2O lead to diseases of kids that may take to their deceases. Cadmium is a metal in the sludge derived fertilisers. Can be absorbed by these harvests. When people absorb this, they may do diarrheal upsets, liver and kidneys. Inorganic stuffs such as quicksilver, arsenic and lead are the causes of pollution. Other chemicals can besides take to jobs related to gustatory sensation and odor and colour of the H2O. Pesticides, PCBs and PCPs are toxic to all life. And pesticides are used in agribusiness, places and woods. Was found Cl and insularity in electrical transformers old. PCPs have been found in merchandises such as wood preservatives ( Burande ) Effectss of Agricultural Water Pollution Rain and irrigation H2O off the Bankss of cultivated land that has been fertilized and treated with pesticides, and the commixture of N with extra toxins in the H2O supply. This of toxic pesticides, H2O pollution, in a different place. Reason for the growing of aquatic workss take O from the H2O and the devastation of vegetations and zoologies of the watercourse and lakes and rivers. Fertilizers promote the growing of bacteriums in the H2O and increased concentration of bacteriums to unsafe degrees. ( Burande ) Effectss of Thermal Water Pollution Is cooled machines in industries with H2O from lakes and rivers. This H2O is up to the river in the instance of hot. This H2O reduces the system ‘s ability to go on to H2O and O is the growing of warm H2O species. ( Burande ) Effectss of Heavy Metal Water Pollution Heavy metals such as lead, quicksilver, Fe, Cd, aluminium and Mg found in H2O beginnings. If these metals are found in deposits, and this up to the nutrient concatenation through workss and aquatic animate beings. This causes heavy metal poisoning in the instance of the H2O degree is really high. ( Burande ) Some other effects of H2O pollution In rivers and oceans and seas and H2O pollution effects workss and animate beings at that place. Furthermore, birds and animate beings that consume contaminated nutrient supplies can decease. Blood diseases and upsets of the nervous system and bosom disease are some of the effects of H2O pollution. Many of the toxins in contaminated H2O leads to malignant neoplastic disease. Rarely, the organic structure can alter the construction of chromosomes. Some of the less powerful of the tegument lesions, purging, and diarrhoea. ( Burande ) Wayss to Prevent Water Pollution Water pollution is a major job we face today. Here are some ways to forestall it. ( Putatunda ) Although they cover more than 70 per centum of the Earth ‘s surface, H2O is one of the most cherished natural resources of our planet. The ground is that approximately 97 per centum of it is salty, and hence unfit for imbibing, has been locked more than 2 per centum in glaciers and polar ice caps, go forthing merely approximately 1 % utile for imbibing and cookery. Apart from clean imbibing H2O, and we besides need to conserve H2O in the oceans, rivers, lakes, non-polluting because otherwise harms the planet and we are really survival. With the human population is turning quickly that it led to us all the pollution of H2O resources of our planet, to the point, and objects alone and cherished ecosystems are being harmed and even decease at an dismaying rate. ( Putatunda ) How is Water Pollution Caused? Despite the fact that some natural procedures may do some taint of H2O, but that human activity is the biggest cause of our seas, rivers and lakes contaminated happen. We need to utilize the H2O daily in both our industries, every bit good as our places. Get this H2O from groundwater beginnings, rivers and lakes, and after usage, and pollution in most instances, most of this H2O back to rivers, lakes, and oceans. ( Putatunda ) Water used for agricultural patterns, industrial and family uses the creative activity of effluent, besides referred to the effluent. If this flow is allowed once more to H2O systems, without being treated, it may do pollution, which result in injury to both human and carnal life. Contaminated H2O, as happens when there is storm H2O overflow from industrial, agricultural, and urban countries, which flow straight through storm drains in H2O systems without any intervention. ( Putatunda ) Disposal of sewerage a major job in developing states where there is no equal sanitation in big countries, and therefore transport the disease doing bacteriums and viruses in H2O beginnings. In states that are developed, people are frequently the flow of pharmaceutical merchandises and chemicals in the lavatory of their ain. ( Putatunda ) Some other causes of pollution, oil spills, ocean dumping, and dumping of refuse in the watercourses and rivers, oceans, such as composition board, newspapers, froth, rosin, plastic packaging, aluminium, glass, and so forth. Some of these take a really long clip to degrade, for illustration, can take 400 old ages, plastic packaging, Styrofoam takes 80 old ages, the froth takes 50 old ages, and aluminium takes 200 old ages. ( Putatunda ) Nuclear waste, and deposit in the ambiance and escape of belowground storage are some of the other causes of H2O pollution. ( Putatunda ) How to cite Several Reasons For The Pollution Of Water Environmental Sciences Essay, Essay examples

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Hard Rock free essay sample

Hard Rock’s three main internal information systems (restaurant operations, merchandising, and financial)? Why was this a problem? [Table] 2. What’s the solution? [List] -Putting a data warehouse system oTo store restaurant point-of-sales customer data, merchandise sales, customer demographic, preference oTo link data via the Web -Installing chain-wide merchandise system -Putting Radius inventory management system Adopting Lawson software financial module, lotus notes oTo update on a daily basis oTo create a common ledger for all stores allowing the system to automatically reconcile numbers for every cafes oTo reduce workload for finance staff The new systems and data warehouse are accessible through companywide intranet, allowing employee to look up customer detail and other information with just one click. 3. What’s the role of CRM? [List] How does the data in a CRM differ from that of a POS? Table) -To build and strengthen relationship between company and its customer ex. Hard Rock building an online community. We will write a custom essay sample on Hard Rock or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To capture information about customers and give them customized details in order to drive customer revisit. -To gain personal information about customer and use it to offer personalized service. oHard Rock gift certificate which can be redeemed on the website by using identification number in return of personal information and survey. To track customers both on the Web and in the restaurants, which allows company to offer promotion based on user behavior. -To trace online visitors and track how they respond to certain promotions. -To have a better understanding of each customer. -To take in account customers’ needs and question. -To deliver services or product that satisfies customers. -To interact with customers and analyze these interactions to maximize revenue/ profits and customer satisfaction