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Racial And Ethnic Groups Of Hispanic Adults - 1164 Words

I interviewed my client and here are the responses to the questions I asked. From being around this group for a long time I know they do not like doctors, and I did not push the issue, my client still is stuffy and coughing and again I am not pushing her I tried my motivational skills and that did not work. They are convinced their concoctions will work for them. According to recent studies where they have found that Latinos are the racial and ethnic group least likely to visit the doctor. More than one-fourth of Latino adults in the United States lack a usual healthcare provider and almost half of Latinos never visit a medical professional during the course of the year. Other reports show that Latinos are more likely than members of other groups to delay healthcare for an illness or drop out of treatment when symptoms disappear. A language barrier also discourages some Latinos from asking for help, or from understanding the healthcare information available. And for the many Latinos working low-wage jobs or who are self-employed, they employment status disqualifies them from public health programs while still not providing enough income for them to afford quality care, ( 1. What do you think caused your problem? I believe I was expose to bacteria that caused my infection from my son who was sick the weekend before. In addition, I stayed up for more than 24 hours on Friday three days before I became ill. I believe this played havoc on my immunity system asShow MoreRelatedThe Influence Of Obesity In America808 Words   |  4 Pages Within the last decade, the rate of obesity has been increasing. In 2012, at least one-third of U.S. adults were obese.1 It is expected by 2018 that the number of obese adults increases to half of U.S. adults.2 The rates for children and adolescents are increasing as well. In 2012, about seventeen percent of children and adolescents were obese.2 However, the number of obese individuals vary throughout the U.S. The South and Midwest have a higher prevalence of obesity while the West and NortheastRead MoreThe Purpose Of This Paper Seeks To Analyze The Effects1208 Words   |  5 Pages The second article to be investigation into prescription drug use misuse and drug problems as it pertains to motivational context. The third and final article seeks to education young adults on medical prescription drug use. A parent’s attitudes regarding substance use may help to clarify practical racial/ethnic deviations in prescription drug misuse among teens. The findings add provision to the growing evidence that parents continue to endure a critical part of adolescents decision-making,Read MoreThe Racial and Ethnic Disparities that Involve Obesity941 Words   |  4 Pagesimportantly the racial and ethnic disparities that involve Obesity. Unless this issue of this inclining obesity is addressed, there will be assumptions that the amount of years a person will live will surely decline (Johnson, 2012). Obesity is a killer as it is the secondary killer and could well be our first if the people don’t take action (Johnson, 2012). Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as asthma and diabetes (Johnson, 2012). Seventeen percent of young adults in the USARead MoreThe Health Status Of Mexican Americans Essay980 Words   |  4 Pagesbecome more culturally diverse in this last century with thirty-six percent belonging to a racial or ethnic minority group. According to the US Census Bureau population estimates as of July 1, 2013 there are approximately fifty-four million Hispanics living in the United States representing seventeen percent of the US total population. This statistic makes people of Hispanic origin the nations largest ethnic or race minority. Current health Status of Mexican Americans Recent research suggestsRead MoreRacial Discrimination And Ethnic Minorities812 Words   |  4 PagesProblem Statement Discrimination of Racial/Ethnic Minorities Racial discrimination is rooted in U.S. history. The enslavement of Blacks and murders of Native Americans, by the early Europeans, are representative of this. The context of America’s history with race shapes the minds of physicians both implicitly and overtly (Feagin Bennefield, 2014). Studies have shown that physicians believe White patients are â€Å"more intelligent†, Black patients â€Å"lack the drive† to adhere to instructions, andRead MoreA Brief Note On African American Adults And Obesity1480 Words   |  6 PagesRyan LeBlanc Methods of Social Research I Professor Weinshenker November 17, 2016 African American Adults and Obesity Introduction: In the US, there are tremendous disparities in health outcomes across different racial and ethnic groups. Non-Hispanic, African American adults, in particular, are known to â€Å"bear a disproportionate burden of disease, injury, death, and disability† when compared to the rest of the population. Many factors contribute to these disparities. According to the CDCRead MoreRacial, Ethnic, And Socio Economical Disparities Of Mental Health1072 Words   |  5 Pages Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Treatment Paige S. Hogeland Denver School of Nursing Racial, Ethnic, and Socio-economical Disparities in Mental Health Mental health has been a recurring topic in present society and it is a very large section of health care in general. Health can be termed as an absence of disease, but it really is much more than that and should encompass every facet of the human, mind and body. The WHO defines mental health as a state of well-being in which an individualRead MoreRacial and Ethnic Disparities in Health1371 Words   |  6 PagesRacial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Large disparities exist between minorities and the rest of Americans in major areas of health. Even though the overall health of the nation is improving, minorities suffer from certain diseases up to five times more than the rest of the nation. President Clinton has committed the nation to eliminating the disparities in six areas of health by the Year 2010, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be jumping in on this huge battleRead MoreThe Developmental Course Of Racial Behavior817 Words   |  4 Pagesdetermine the developmental course of racial behaviours in childhood. The researchers in this study are trying to prove how white children’s expressions of racial prejudice do not necessarily decline in middle childhood due to the development of particular cognitive skills, but that instead children older than seven will go on expressing prejudiced attitudes under appropriate conditions. The hypothesis targets a very specific population, age group, eth nic group, and it is looking for precise dataRead MoreHow People View Mental Illness As A Whole ( Jimenez, Bartels, And Alegria1469 Words   |  6 Pagesdepression, between several racial minority older adults with common mental illnesses is very important (Jimenez et al.). There are many differences between racial groups when looking at the older adults beliefs on the causes of mental illness, barriers the older adult faces when seeking treatment, and their preferences in different coping strategies between different ethnic groups (Conner, Copeland, Koeske, 2011). The more nurses know about different older ethnic communities and how depression

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Discussion Of Domain B Focuses On Evaluating The Student...

Discussion of Domain Domain B focuses on evaluating the student learning as a whole process. It covers Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) 2 which is to monitor student learning during instruction and Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) 3 which involves interpretations and use of assessments. Given these points, teacher performance expectations or TPEs are teacher’s guidelines that is essential to follow and remember in order to become an effective and successful education specialist. To begin with, TPE 2 consists of different factors in performing the teaching job. First, teacher should demonstrates knowledge of confidentiality provisions and requirements. For this reason, teacher needs to make sure all personal and testing information are confidential. It can only be shared with IEP team who are involved in the student’s education. Second, teacher should demonstrate working knowledge of basic tests and measurement principles. With this in mind, it is essential that the teacher knows how to implement the assessment tool while making sure that the student knows how to follow the instructions. Third, teacher should demonstrate skills in the assessment of students with Moderate/Severe disabilities, collecting and using multiple sources of information to assess student learning. In order to have accurate data collection, teacher should use formal assessments such as Brigance or WIAT III and informal assessment such as San Diego Quick Reading assessment,Show Mo reRelatedInvestigation of Students Different Learning Styles Essay4028 Words   |  17 PagesInvestigation of Students Different Learning Styles This report investigates differing learning styles of an AVCE second year student group. Firstly the report provides a critical account of the context of the course; it’s provision and relevant information about the learners and how some aspects of learning theory can be applied within the delivery of the Project Management module. Taking into account the theoretical issues a scheme of work, lesson plans and teachingRead MoreCurriculum Development- Let Review9921 Words   |  40 PagesMODULE 1 CURRICULUM: CONCEPTS,NATURE AND PURPOSES Curriculum from Different Points of View 1. Traditional Points of View of Curriculum* â€Å"It is a body of subjects or subject matter prepared by the teachers for the students to learn†, and is synonymous to course of study and syllabus. *According to Robert Hutchins, curriculum is permanent study which emphasizes rules of grammar, reading, rhetoric and logic and mathematics needed for basic education which gives importance to the 3RsRead MoreThesis: formative Assessment7006 Words   |  29 Pagesï » ¿ LEARNING ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES FIELD STUDY 3 A STUDENT PORTFOLIO ______________________________________________________ PRESENTED to COLLEGE OF EDUCATION JOSE RIZAL MEMORIAL STATE UNIVERSITY THE PREMIER STATE IN ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE DIPOLOG CAMPUS, DIPOLOG CITY IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF THE COURSE FIELD STUDY 5 BY: MARY JANE C. ROJAS OCTOBER, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Title Page ______________________________________________i Read MoreSchool Based Assessment for Learning2801 Words   |  12 PagesSchool Based Assessment for Learning: A report: Assuring Fairness in the assessment component of school based assessment practice in Brunei Abstract This article describes a research project study in depth carried out with 3 self-selected ‘educators’ teaching English language subject in one of the secondary school in Brunei. All are supporting standardized task provided requires flexibility to cater the students’ need individually. The paper explores the educators conceptions of and approachesRead MoreTransformative Learning Theory— an Overview5690 Words   |  23 PagesTransformative Learning Theory— An Overview This section of the monograph provides a brief overview of transformative learning theory from the perspective of Jack Mezirow. Also discussed are the conditions that need to be present, from his perspective, to foster transformative learning. Its intent is to provide a synthesis of its major premises, not an exhaustive discussion, that includes enough information from which to understand the implications and insights gained from discussing the variousRead MoreM Odule on Crafting the Curriculum5135 Words   |  21 Pagesdesign is a process of thinking through how you want to organize what you want your students to learn. Whereas, lesson plans are what the teacher plans to do for the day and unit plans are what the teacher wants to do over the several lessons or weeks. Curriculum plans should be what the teacher wants students to learn over years. Thus, a curriculum design is forming set of lessons that will obtain the objectives for the student. The term â€Å"design† is used as a verb to designate a process (as in designingRead MoreThe Implementation And Adoption Of An Lms7342 Words   |  30 Pagesorganizations. It will include the implementation of new technology, and how leadership decisions and communication play a role in the adoption process. Together, these sections provide a deeper understanding of crucial elements needed for an implementation framework, and underlying information for the research questions being explored. . Learning Management Systems Applying the use of computers to education is nothing new. From computer-based instruction (CBI), to computer-aided instructionRead MoreQualitative Research Essay3386 Words   |  14 Pagesqualitative research methods as well as from the class discussion with lecturer and colleagues on qualitative research course at the university. The basic concepts of qualitative research that will be discussed here cover the definition of qualitative research based on some authors, the  characteristics of qualitative research contrasted to quantitative research, the strengths and weakness of qualitative research, and it follow the discussion of the importance of qualitative research in English languageRead MoreCapstone Project3814 Words   |  16 Pagesï » ¿ Technical Writing Project Cover Sheet Capstone Proposal Project Name: Network Security Survey Student Name: Peter Planica Degree Program: Information Technology – Security Emphasis Mentor Name: Ted Reasoner Capstone Project Waiver/Release Statement Acknowledgement It is the policy of Western Governors University (â€Å"WGU†) that student Capstone projects should not be based upon, and should not include, any proprietary or classified information or material belonging to your employer orRead MoreQualitative Research Essay3380 Words   |  14 Pagesqualitative research methods as well as from the class discussion with lecturer and colleagues on qualitative research course at the university. The basic concepts of qualitative research that will be discussed here cover the definition of qualitative research based on some authors, the  characteristics of qualitative research contrasted to quantitative research, the strengths and weakness of qualitative research, and it follow the discussion of the importance of qualitative research in English language

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Dont Judge D Buk by Its Covrr Free Essays

Don’t judge a book by its cover means not to judge people or things by what they look like from the outside. People shouldn’t be judged by how they look but be judged by their actions. It actually means that people cannot be judged by what they appear like to you at first, it is necessary to get to know them and â€Å"read† them before you can judge them It means not to judge people by the way they look or act. We will write a custom essay sample on Dont Judge D Buk by Its Covrr or any similar topic only for you Order Now Something very powerful can be inside them. it means dont judge a person on how they look and only judge them on who they really are! If you judge a book by it’s cover is to judge someone or something before you get to know them or try it. Such as if someone looks funny and you don’t know them you shouldn’t make fun of them because they could turn out to be the nicest person you ever met. Also if someone advertises for a product and you don’t think it will work you shouldn’t because it might work really good and it will be fun and/or good for you to have. On the other hand something could look good and be really bad. So if someone is really pretty that doesn’t mean ‘Oh, that person is really pretty they must be nice! ‘ They could be really stuck up and mean. Or if something looks shiny and new and people on TV. say it works really good it could be bad. The meaning of the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ is that we can’t simply judge people only by their appearances. But, this is not always true. For instance, if an employer wants to recruit an employee and hundreds of people apply, the employer will probably narrow the list down based on first impressions. In other words, the employer is judging them by their ‘cover’ to save time. But when it comes to choosing friends, we have to choose carefully. Some people might be bad for us. If we choose them wrongly, the consequences are very serious – the wrong kinds of friends can create all kinds of trouble for us. I think, rather than judging a book by its cover, we need to read the content of the book and base our judgments on what we see there. You shouldn’t form an opinion on someone or something based purely on what you see on the surface, because usually after taking a deeper look, the person or thing will not be what you expected it to be. When looking for something to read, people will often times only glance at the cover of a book before making a decision. Due to this, many books get overlooked merely due to the title or picture on the front of them being unappealing to the eye. However, if one were to open the book up and peer into its contents, they’d probably find that they were missing out on some interesting and valuable information. Hence, don’t judge a book by its cover! The phrase is also applied to people. How? Well, before getting to know someone, a person tends to first judge others based on their outward appearance, their nationality, or other external factors. It’s a shame, though, because while a person might look rough on the outside, you can never truly know what they are like on the inside unless you ‘open’ them up and get to know them How to cite Dont Judge D Buk by Its Covrr, Essay examples

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been Research Paper Example

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Paper Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Analysis Essay The decline of the societal and cultural values during 1960s can be seen through Joyce Carol Oates’, â€Å"Where are you going, Where have you been? † The story, which narrates the fatal destiny of fifteen year old Connie, shows the rise of a pop-culture/music guided society, it also shows the rise of the sexual revolution and the disregard for women, and the negligence of parents at the time. In the story the devil is represented by ARNOLD FRIEND, who at the end of the story seduces Connie into her own doom. Connie meets Friend at a fly-infested restaurant, fly-infested symbolizing lack of morality. Music was a huge part of the story. Happiness would not come to Connie by spending time with her family, or by going out her friends, happiness only came to Connie when she heard â€Å"the† music. An example of this can be found when Connie was leaving with Eddie, â€Å"her face gleaming with joy that had nothing to do with Eddie or even this place; it might have been the music. † Carol Oates tries to show that Arnold, the devil or evil, used the music to invade Connie’s life. We will write a custom essay sample on Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Through out the story, Arnold used riming and used phrases used in songs of the time. As in when he called Connie â€Å"My sweet little blue-eyed girl,† making reference to Bob Dylan’s song. The character Ellie Oscar, Arnold’s companion, makes reference to the rise in importance of the pop-culture. The name Ellie signifies the popular singer Elvis Presley, and Oscar a connection to the highest award possible in the pop-culture world. The sexual context of the story suggests the negative criticism of Oates towards the sexual revolution. One of the characters in the story is Pettinger girl, whose name includes the word petting, referring to the touching between people that causes sexual pleasure. The number code on Arnold’s car, 33 19 17, when added gives the number 69 which is a sexual connotation. The phrase â€Å"hot-dogs cooked out bursting† is also a sexual connotation. The writing on the left rear fender had the writing â€Å"DONE BY CRAZY WOMAN DRIVER,† showing the disregard for women that Arnold had, or that in fact the sexual revolution brought. Finally, Oates also shows the deteriorating relationship between parents and hildren. The Connie’s parents remain nameless through out the whole story, showing the insignificance of them in Connie’s life. Connie had a bad relationship with her mother, they were constantly arguing. When Connie’s father would pick her and her friend up after an afternoon spent at the â€Å"mall,† he would not even bother to ask them how everything went. Oates tries to show, that it was through that hole in communication that Arnold, the devil, got into Connie’s life. That place, which she called home and signified safety, had become a symbol of false safety. This can be seemed through this phrase, â€Å"this place you are now—inside your daddy’s house—is nothing but a cardboard I can knock down any time. † â€Å"Where are you going, where have you been,† is a big criticism towards the 1960s society and culture. To Oates the deteriorating moral value was caused by the rise in importance of the pop-culture, which in some form led Connie into her doom, and the lack of communication between parents and kids. Oates’ opposition to the sexual revolution is also evident in the story.

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Gas Mileage essays

Gas Mileage essays As his car warmed up that morning, Alan Wilson stared with amazement at his gas gauge. I cant believe its on EMPTY again, he ranted. I just spent twenty bucks last weekend! Alan sped away from his home toward the gas station before he had to be at work that morning only to find out that the gas prices had been raised again. Why dont I just burn my money? he said facetiously. Alan grabbed the nozzle and began the weekly task of filling up the gas tank on his 1970 Ford Maverick with a 302 and dual exhaust. I need to go buy one of those new Styrofoam pieces of junk that get thirty miles to the gallon, he mumbled to himself. Since the invention of the car, people have had to go through this ordeal because we have no choice. It has been over eighty years, and we are still using gasoline as the primary source of power for our vehicles. With all of the new technology created over these years, shouldnt we have thought of something better by now? The truth is that we have. Electr icity is a much cleaner, more efficient form of power that could be put to use, but it hasnt (Bradley 444). Is there any particular reason? Of course! Somebody will lose money. The idea of an electric car has been embedded in the mind of people for countless years. Whether it be by a writer, an inventor, or a scientist, it has been thought about for some time. Not only would this idea be safer for the environment, it would save billions of people money. Unfortunately, gas companies havent preferred these ideas over losing millions of dollars in sales. Although it may not be true, many environmentalists believe that car manufacturers have been bought off by the gas companies in order to keep their millions flowing in (Sullivan 2). How could an idea perfected years ago not have caught on by now? The first working electric car was created in the 1800&...

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A Reflection Essay

A Reflection Essay A Reflection Essay A Reflection Essay Paper: Writing Tips A reflective essay is a paper that basically describes your views and feeling about some particular subject. The goal of it is to convince the personal experiences and feelings that resulted. Unlike many other types of essays the purpose of this paper is not to discuss the subject, but to explore the ideas. To Write A Reflection Essay: Getting Started Before writing find the topic. There can be one major or several small topics. When you choose a topic fora reflection essay, think about the information that you have learned and interesting facts that brought you some new knowledge. It should be wide enough to raise the interest in reader. Consider at least three-page reflection essay writing. The main part of a reflection essay has to include: Keep to the basic rules of five paragraph essay: Write an introduction paragraph that gives the information about the author and the document Develop your idea by dividing it into several important points and, therefore, into several paragraphs Give solid background information Use topic sentences Provide some sense of the importance of your writing for your own faiths development Use good sentence structure, avoid sentence fragments and fuses sentences, choose language that expresses your meaning While writing a reflection essay you should provide your own experiences in an interesting manner, however carefully consider your target auditorium. It is very important to get the reader involved in the story. A reflection essay is like playground for good presentation of ideas and experiences of the writer, they allow him to grow. The successful reflection essay will involve the reader in the writers ideas, emotions, and experiences. Thus, you should use vivid writing style, different linguistic tools and analyze the audience carefully in order to engage your reader as much as possible. A Reflection Essay Writing Help If you need help in writing your work or you simply do not have time to make a research and to prepare it, you are welcome to become our client and receive a professional help in your task overnight. It is easy and very convenient. Read more: Essays on Patriotism Assignment Help Writing a Critical Essay Synthesis Writing Steps Custom Writing Service

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Principle of Marketing in the Food and Beverages Market Research Paper

Principle of Marketing in the Food and Beverages Market - Research Paper Example Bearing the lessons in mind, the marketing strategies which shall be proposed for Shin Shii shall be founded upon the characteristics of the market in question and, proceeding from that, shall aim towards the maximization of effect within a reasonable budget. In selecting its marketing strategy for entry into the U.S. market, it is necessary to consider both the threats and opportunities which shall confront Shin Shii. Based on observations of the US beverages market, marketing and market research scholars have determined that the primary threats confronting both existing companies and new entrants are over-saturation and an increasingly health-conscious consumer-base (Swot,'2005). In other words, not only is competition extremely intense and dominated by a handful of major food and beverages companies but, health concerns are functioning as a threat to the maintenance of the existent market, let alone its expansion. While market research scholars have identified a number of serious threats confronting the food and beverages' market, they have also identified a number of attractive opportunities, especially pertinent to the case of Shin Shii. In the first place, while the beverages' market may be oversaturated, the U.S. consumer market is a highly experimental one by nature and is attracted to novelty (Swot,' 2005). In other words, it exhibits a persistent and unfailing tendency to test the new. In the second place, the trend towards health consciousness implies that while the soda market may be sealed off for the present, there is a market for beverages which are considered healthy or, at least, benign, in that they neither have negative nor positive health effects.